Bed and Breakfast Apartment Offering Private Dining





Abbots Lodge is a modern property in an elevated position on the edge of Wigmore village.  


Access to the property by car is along an un-adopted lane, which though tarmacced has an uneven surface in places.  This lane is relatively steep as you approach the gateway into our drive, and continues past us becoming more level before it becomes a footpath to the castle.  

There is parking space available on our drive.  Please park pointing between the two strategically positioned plant pots, to the left of the gate as you enter.

Our driveway is level, and has a brick paved surface.  From the drive to the main entrance to the room is level, with a natural stone pathway.

To access the main house, to the front door, is via either a flight of steps (18 steps) or by going out of the drive and using the sloping lane to access the pedestrian gateway.  This route involves only two steps.

To contact us from within the house, a staircase with winders (14 steps in total) leads up to a door in to our living rooms.

The Room

The room is accessed by double doors, with a maximum opening width of approximately 1.35metres.  There is a step from outside to in at this point of approximately 15cm.

The room itself is generous, with ample space around the bed and other furniture.  The floor is wooden floorboards in the main bedroom/living area/kitchen, with the bed positioned on a loose rug.  In the shower room the floor is ceramic tiles.  Doors in to the ensuite and kitchen are 71cm (2’4”) wide.

Lighting is a mixture of wall fittings controlled by wall sockets, or lamps with their own pendant switches or push switches (some at floor level).

Sockets are at a mixture of heights, in the main room being either 30cm off the floor, or recessed into the floor itself.  In the kitchen sockets are located above worktop height.

There is a step of 20cm into the shower room ensuite.  The shower is a walk in tray with no step, tiled walls to the back and one side, a fixed glass screen to the other side and no curtain or screen on the fourth side.  The tap in this room and the kitchen is a lever type.  


The room opens on to a private natural stone terrace, with garden chairs and a table for your use.  This area looks over the gardens and to the views beyond, and has mature trees and planting nearby.  The gardens around this area are very steeply sloping.

The walks to the castle, church or further afield are attractive, accessible from the sloping un-adopted lane.

Motion sensor lights are fitted by the drive and along the access to the terrace and room.

Special diets

We are happy to accommodate your requirements.  Please speak to us when you book.